Sangita Sapkota

Care, Compassion, responsibility, ethics, values and peace, all these things were acquired by her during the process of growth. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual growth within her simultaneously aggregated with conscience and deep belief. All her effort and her consciousness were always looking forward to find the essence of life. Her focus to understand the glorious significance of life in all form and realization of soul, body, mind and heart dragged her whole energy to contribute in welfare, rejuvenation and freedom of her own kind-the mankind. There comes her path confluence with yoga world. Her experience as a teacher, lifestyle magazine administration officer, marketing assistance, supervisor of fitness studio and program coordinator of various animal welfare, environment conservation and yoga training program helped her vividly experience her soul , eternalize the purpose of her existence and pumped the inner voice to upgrade the performance to fulfill the need of her contribution in bringing all the wonderful spirits together and amalgamate in yoga world.
Now as a Managing Director and Yoga Teacher Miss Sangita Sapkota is here with Sawar Meditation Centre. With her acquired skills, knowledge, academics and in-depth knowledge in yoga she is here to facilitate and share her expertise in helping you to gain marvelous experience of life. She will be encouraging you to identify your higher self and will be promoting yoga and it significance in your life as the greatest achievement. Coordination, management, teaching, learning, encouragement and revealing can be considered as the relevant horizon linked with Miss Sapkota.

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