Spiritual Yoga Trekking in Nepal

When you can get a combo package in which you can get to travel different place around Nepal and can perform yoga then why to take another package? Walking in the most stunning tracks gives physical fitness and yoga gives mental fitness.

The combo pack of yoga and trekking is yoga trekking. Performing Yoga itself increases the sense of control and creates the best functioning of all body organs. Nepal Yoga Trekking explores majestic spirituality, nature, and Himalayan view in the less trodden. Nature, the Himalayas, and Yoga throughout this journey give you an experience that you can never forget. You can simply call it your trek of a lifetime.

Nepal Yoga trekking is one of the unique ways of doing trekking with Yoga while enjoying the serene beauties of the tallest and most spiritual mountain range in the vast Himalayas.

Trekking to the topmost places grants you a fresh environment with good health. To be physically fit and healthy, one should take part in trekking. When you choose to trek, the place will be new from usual and the environment will also be good. Due to which change in environment with fresh air keeps you healthy.

Due to this peoples are attracted to yoga trekking. When you can enjoy and be healthy with small effort why not to do this?  This is the main reason why people are engaging in this package.

In an ancient period of time, great saint used to walk through the forest and perform yoga in hills or mountains. Doing that they gain some spiritual powers and also get strength, willpower and many more. Beside from the power, one will get a healthy lifestyle and enjoyable trip.

Keeping all these things in mind, Sawar Meditation Yoga conducts Yoga Trekking for enthusiastic one. Come and take this package.

Why should do Nepal Yoga Trekking during yoga?

When you go for trekking, you will go to a new place and maybe high elevation. The environment will be new and your body may or may not be able to adjust to the new environment. Due to high elevation, you may get altitude sickness which will be problematic during the trek.

Due to all these reasons, if you do yoga training prior to trekking then you can fight with all these circumstances. Yoga will help your body to adjust to the new environment. Helps to fight with altitude sickness and enjoy the trek. Performing yoga helps to relax your body and mind after the long day trekking.

Be aware of following things

  • Get information about the place where you are going for trekking
  • Don’t get fully involve with the activity of unknown people and don’t trust much
  • Trust the company and guide, if you have any query then consult with the company
  • Be with the group and don’t leave without inform
  • Don’t throw rubbish everywhere and don’t touch the plants in the forest because they can be harmful
  • Be aware of wild animals and insects
  • Consult with your guide if you feel sick
  • No smoking and drinking
  • Drink water which is boiled or filtered
  • Walk with the group and always be with the group

Benefits of Nepal Yoga Trekking

  • Helps to adjust to the new environment
  • Get rid of altitude sickness
  • Evening yoga helps to relax your body
  • Get rid of stress and relax your body
  • Lighten your body and helps to get better from join problem (bones join)
  • Morning yoga provide you strength to walk
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Calm your mind

If you take this package with us then we will be doing the original traditional Hatha Yoga based on Maha yogi Guru Gorakhnath.

Things to carry during this trek

  • Trekking shoes, Trouser-2, Shocks (minimum 4 pairs)
  • Gloves, Mask, Trapper Hat, Gaggles
  • Sleeping bag, Down Jacket
  • Equipment necessary for cold weather and clothes
  • Trekking Stick minimum 1
  • Water Bottle
  • First aid kits
  • Some fruits and natural diets.

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