Yoga Poses for winter

When we are cold, our circulation drops, that not only reduces the effectiveness of the organs, it also reduces our temperature even more. this will cause a reduction in the muscles, joints and even our views. So while it’s tempting to not move and simply snuggle on the couch, the cold weather is actually all the more reason to stay up our yoga practice to develop an inner heat that keeps us warm and healthy.

Just as we adapt our diet to the seasons, it’s necessary to change with the seasons even as nature will by adapting our daily habits, yoga practice and food selections. During the winter season, the energy of the world and its creatures are drawn inward. we will use this time for restoration and reflexion, even as several plants and animals use it for hibernation. In preparation for the spring, it’s necessary to slow down and rejuvenate.

Some yoga poses for winter

The winter months are famous for colds and cases of flu, so poses that open the throat, chest, and sinuses will help in increasing congestion and supporting your respiratory organs.

Surya Namaskar

It is a sequence of poses that strengthen, warm, and joins the whole body. It assists as an all-purpose yoga tool, sort of like a hammer that’s also a saw and a screwdriver if you can think such a thing.


Fish Pose refers to Matsya, who was an embodiment of the Hindu god Vishnu, a Sanskrit word. The myth goes that, long ago, the earth had become corrupt and was going to be caught by a flood. Vishnu, who was charged with protecting the universe, changed himself into a fish termed Matsya. He carried the great Hindu sages to safety in a boat, which guaranteed the safety of all of their wisdom and humanity itself.

Just as Matsya rebalanced earth and ocean, so practicing Fish Pose can be a way of organizing your focus and providing you flexibility when you sense gravity-loaded. You’ll sense this when you burrow into the earth via the strong movement of your legs, which, in turn, boost your chest like a wave and expands your breath. Fish Pose also bolsters your back and your abdominals, and yogis understand that the deep neck curve helps the thyroid. Like all reversed-bending posture, Matsyasana raises your heart and changes your mood.


Dhanus = bow  asana = pose

This posture is so called because it seems similar to an archer’s bow, the legs, and torso symbolizing the body of the bow, and the arms the cord. It strengthens your back; stabilizes your legs; opens your shoulders and chest; develops hip-flexor function; stimulates energy flow and digestion in your internal organs.

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