Meditation in Nepal

Meditation is an extension of concentration. Concentration has to be done practically and when you reach a certain level of it, you automatically slip into the meditative mode. We are most of our time absent-minded, meditation is about totally being in the present moment by moment by moment. The mind has basically two major problems:

  1. Grooving about the past
  2. Aspiring for the future

whereas the body and the senses are always here in the present. So if the mind can be trained to be totally in the present moment, we will be more satisfied with ourselves.

Meditation for Health

If we try to observe our body minutely outwardly or inwardly then we can be aware of the overactivity of different organs, senses and ultimately the chaotic functioning of our mind as a whole. And so we can rectify any overstimulation or malfunctioning of the bodily parts of the sensorial things or last but not the least mental disorders.

Different Meditational Techniques

  1. Mantra Meditation
  2. Guided Meditation
  3. Healing Meditation
  4. Japa Meditation
  5. Ajapa Japa Meditation
  6. Antar Mouna Meditation
  7. Inner Visualization Meditation
  8. Chidakasha Dharana Meditation
  9. Trataka
  10. Antar Trataka
  11. Nada
  12. Abstract
  13. Kundalini

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