Yoga Nidra in Nepal

Yoga Nidra is about taking your mind to different parts of the body or taking the mind to various images, visions etc. Most of us sleep by thinking of some problems or tensions. If we can use this yoga nidra as a preliminary to sleep, then a state of deep relaxation can be achieved, releasing our tension so that the mind becomes clear and thoughts become more powerful and concentrated.

Yoga Philosophy

The yogic philosophy will help the individual to understand, what it is trying to do and achieve through yoga and how it will attain those meditational states. A philosophy basically tries to uplift mankind above suffering and pain. The question of God or spirituality is secondary, the primary question is why are this pain and torture happening to the body? Then comes the rest questions of life first we all are selfish, when our individual pain or suffering is solved, then only others come into our perception or the outer world. When I am peaceful then the universe or the world as a whole is peaceful. If I am not in peace, then the whole world or universe is not peaceful for me. When I am beyond help, then only I can help others in the real sense.

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