Sannyasi Dharmaraj

A wandering sadhu for 24 years. Lived in the Himalayas for patches off and on experiences spiritual lifestyle. He thinks meditation is just concentration techniques, and when you reach certain levels of it, you automatically slip into the meditative mode.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is actually an extension of concentration. In concentration, the mind continually tries to think of things other than the object whereas in meditation the mind is continually absorbed in the object.

Different types of Meditation

  1. Inner Silence
  2. Inner Visualization
  3. Psychic Sleep (Yoga Nidra)
  4. Visualization on the space of consciousness
  5. Abstract Contemplation
  6. Mantra Meditation
  7. Healing Meditation

And lots more to explore, if you are interested?

Regular classes

  1. Guided Meditation
  2. Yoga Nidra
  3. Yoga Philosophy
  4. Sanskrit Chanting

Meditation Packages

  1. 3 Day Package (6 hrs)
  2. 7 Day Package (14 hrs)
  3. 11 Day Package  (22 hrs)

These packages can be for a particular individual or a group. I am not giving the contents of what would be taught theoretically or practically? Because it will depend on the individual need or the group need. According to the individual personality, problems etc. the course package can be structured.

Cost for the package (Per person)

3 days package 90 US$

7 days package 210 US$

11 days package 335 US$

3 Days or 6 hours package time schedule

Time period (hour) What you will do
1 What is meditation?
2 Meditation for Health
3 Question-answer class
4 Guided meditation
5 Yog Nidra
6 Mantra Meditation

7 Days (14 hrs) Meditation Package

Time period (hour) What you will do Types
1 Introduction to the culture (Hinduism and Buddhism) Theory
2 Guided Meditation Practical
3 What is meditation? Theory
4 Mantra meditation Practical
5 Science, Spirit, and Meditation Theory
6 Healing Meditation Practical
7 Meditation and Health Theory
8 Inner visualization Meditation Practical
9 Yoga’s Psychic Physiology Theory
10 Yoga Nidra Practical and Theory
11 Kundalini Meditation Practical
12 Reprogram your mind Theory
13 Abstract Meditation Practical
14 Who is the mediator? Theory and Analysis

11 Days (22 hrs) Meditation Package

Time period(hrs) What you will do Types
1 Four Yoga’s (especially Raja Yoga) Theory
2 Blank Space Meditation Practical
3 Six main systems of thought Theory
4 Antar Trataka Meditation Practical
5 Yoga Philosophy Theory
6 “BEING” Meditation Practical
7 A short summary of “LORD BUDDHA” Theory
8 Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep) Practical
9 Instructions and Suggestions for Meditation Theory
10 Ajapa Japa Meditation Practical
11 Meditation, Health, and Science Theory
12 Sound Meditation Practical
13 Yogic Disciplines Theory
14 Still Meditation Practical
15 Psychic Physiology of Yoga and Reprogramming your mind Theory
16 Still Meditation (continue) Practical
17 Sanatana Culture Theory
18 Still Meditation (continue) Practical
19 Yogic Perspective on everyday life Theory
20 Still and Silent Meditation (continue) Practical
21 Being in the moment Theory and Analysis
22 Still and Silent Meditation (End) Practical

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